Enjoy our diverse candle selection

Enjoy our diverse
selection of candles

You wont want to miss out on these scents!

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Wicked Scents is solo owned and managed by an entrepreneur that wants to provide customers with a one stop shop for all of their favorite brands. A place where everyone feels welcome to shop.

Featured Brands


APOTHEKE has come a long way but the vision hasn't changed. Candles and soaps are still made by hand, and each fragrance is thoughtfully blended at their Brooklyn factory.  


Coconut wax blend you have been asking for! Our Voluspa Collection is a FAN FAVORITE. With many exclusive gift sets options, come check them out!

Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse the #1 Australian based brand, with strong throws and elegance in one package. Indulge in one of our favorite brands that never disappoints.

Fun Candle Fact

Candles were already around in 500 B.C... Crazy that candles have been enjoyed by humans for so long. Of course, back then candles were used as lighting but soon turned to pure bliss.

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