Lit Lab Co. - Flower Diffuser 4oz - La Vie Bohème


La Vie Bohème

Indulge in the carefree and whimsical spirit of the bohemian lifestyle. Distinct lavender beautifully balanced with ylang-ylang and hints of vetiver for a lingering mystical expression.

Place the La Vie Bohème diffuser in your living room, bedroom, office or any place that you desire and let its captivating aroma transport you to a peaceful and carefree state of mind.

Top: Lavender 
Middle: Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood
Base: Vetiver
Set it and Forget it for a low-maintenance flameless scent.
LIT LÁB Co. diffusers are blended using the highest quality essential and natural oils.
Fragrance can be diffused through the petals of a hand-made flower that come to life as the oil is drawn up the cotton wick. Or, if you prefer, use the diffuser rattan reeds for a simple, clean look – both are included so the choice is yours.
Diffuser Size: 4oz liquid

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